Since Androferti is specially designed for couples trying to conceive, on our social networks we reach out to couples who are seeking some help on their TTC journey. One couple we’d like to introduce you to are Nic and Tom who are preparing for their IVF treatment. We offered Nic and Tom some samples of Androferti, hoping that our product can give them the best chance of conceiving.

Here are Tom’s first thoughts about Androferti:

It is important to note that sperm requires 74 days in order to mature, and at least 20 days after this to become mature enough to swim to the egg and fertilise it. Androferti affects the production of the sperm from start to finish over two complete cycles, where improvements have been recorded after three months of supplementation. We recommend that you take Androferti twice a day as directed, for six months – this makes your sperm big and strong!

Nic and Tom are leading an online diary of their TTC journey – you can follow it here: Journey to the far side of the womb.

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