Conception and male fertility

Father and baby The quality of a man’s sperm plays a key role in the conception process and the lifestyle of men as well as their age and different environmental factors can affect that quality and the possibility of achieving pregnancy. Therefore, improvement in the sperm quality parameters is very important.

The journey of the sperm to the egg is a long and hard one. Only the healthiest specimens will make it. And, of course, this journey has to occur at the right moment given that the egg is ready only once a month.

In a cycle of 28 days, the woman usually ovulates 14 days after the start of menstruation. That is the most fertile day to have intercourse, and the most fertile week is that which goes from day 11 to 17. Although it is possible to conceive at any time if ovulation is irregular, the ideal scenario is to maintain sexual relations in this week.

You have to take into account that the quality of the sperm varies daily. The man is constantly producing sexual cells.,  and the habits of his daily life affect the quality of the sperm. Smoking, excessive alcohol, drugs, some medication, stress, poor nutrition, and lack of physical exercise contribute to low quality sperm. Furthermore, with age (from as young as 25 years), the quality and quantity of the sperm diminishes.

Father and a babyAt least five factors exist that contribute to the quality of the sperm:

  • Sperm count
  • Concentration
  • Motility
  • Velocity
  • Morphology (shape and size)

Any reduction in one of these factors can affect the possibility of achieving pregnancy.

On average, sperm take approximately 74 days to develop and another 20 additional days to be fertile.

Androferti is designed to be taken for a minimum period of three months. The initial results can  clinically observed from three months following the renewal of the sperm.

Naturally, if you have any suspicion that you are having problems conceiving you should consult your doctor and follow their instructions. They will more than likely carry out a sperm assessment so that you have a clear idea about the sperm quality parameters.