In the past few decades, male obesity has nearly tripled. This data is correlated with an increase in male infertility – and may be the very cause of it. There is more and more evidence appearing suggesting that obesity has a negative impact on male reproductive potential. Not only does excess weight influencessperm parameters, but it can also cause a decrease in libido and erectile dysfunction, making the process of trying to conceive much more difficult.

Several studies have shown that if a male partner is obese and a female has a normal BMI (body mass index); or if both partners are overweight, their chances are significantly decreased compared to couples with normal levels of weight. Why is this so?

When it comes to its effect on sperm, obesity can be one of the main culprits for reduced sperm concentration, and may be reducing sperm motility and changes in morphologyThis study shows that there is a connection between high BMI levels and increased sperm oxidative stress. Oxidative stress causes damage to the DNA material of sperm. Once DNA is damaged, it can cause a miscarriage, birth defects or developmental problems for the baby. Obesity also cause changes to the physical and molecular level of germ cells in the testes and ultimately mature sperm.

Another study has been performed recently, observing 65 couples who were referred to a fertility clinic. The findings show that the men who conceived, also experienced the greatest weight loss due to changes in their nutrition and physical activity.

Another study found that a medication commonly used to treat breast cancer, letrozole, has a positive effect on men suffering from obesity-related hypogonadism. The scientists believe that the detrimental effect of obesity on sperm quality comes from excess fat that can alter the balance of sex hormones. Fat deposits serve as estrogen-creating stations, where testosterone is being broken down and metabolised. This could be the main cause of fertility issues experienced by obese man – and it may be resolved by using letrozole.

These findings are opening the door to new possibilities for male sub-fertility treatments. It is up to us to wait for new studies and further discoveries.

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